Christy’s Story

Theresa Christine Crow, better known to all her family and friends as Christy, was born April 24th, 1994, to parents Suzanne and Michael in Galveston, Texas. The family, including her brother Nick, moved to Friendswood eight years later, where Christy would flourish as a very gifted musician, actress, and singer. She went on to graduate from Friendswood High School in 2012, and began her collegiate journey at Galveston and San Jacinto Junior Colleges. In Spring of 2014, her tenacity, hard work, and determination paid off, she was to become an Aggie. She transferred to Texas A&M University, majoring in Education.

Her Passing
In April of 2014, just four months into her short tenure at Texas A&M, Christy became very sick, and had to be brought back home. The diagnosis: Infectious Mononucleosis. She was taken to the local hospital for close supervision and care, but tragically passed away just two days after admittance, eight days before her 20th birthday.

Her autopsy later revealed that the amount of the Mononucleosis Virus, more commonly known as the “Kissing Disease”, within her blood stream was higher than any previous case known to the doctors who worked on her, including the pathologist.

Her Dream
Christy fulfilled her goal to become an Aggie, but had much stronger ambitions to become an elementary school teacher. She spent many hours volunteering for local elementary schools, preparing herself for the career that she so deeply sought after. Her mother, Suzanne, a retired school teacher, was Christy’s idol when it came to impacting the lives of boys and girls. She wanted to make a difference in their lives, and through our organization, that dream will continue on for many years to come.