Our Community Promise & Impact

Community Promise
The Christy’s Wish Foundation is dedicated to spreading awareness and prevention of Mononucleosis, providing scholarships for graduating high school seniors and education majors at Texas A&M, and grants for Texas Teachers. Through community outreach, and partnerships with local schools and businesses, Christy’s Wish is determined to be a recognizable household name for years to come.

Our Impact
Through Mononucleosis Awareness
Infectious Mononucleosis is one of the top illnesses that leads to time lost out of the classroom for high school and college students. By educating students, slowing the spread of this disease will not only mean less time out of school for the students, but less money spent on medical bills, and more money gained by school districts by limiting the number of absences per year due to this disease.

Through Scholarships
By funding scholarships to high school seniors, our organization will provide future students with the opportunity to further their education, with less financial burden.

Through Grants
Many teachers have wonderful and innovative ideas that can help inspire learning and creativity in their classrooms, but they often don’t have the funds available to make their ideas come to fruition. We are dedicated to helping these teachers strengthen their learning environments through the form of a “Christy’s Corner” Grant.