Scholarship Fund

The Christy Crow ‘16 Endowed Memorial Scholarship at Texas A&M University will service future students seeking a degree in education indefinitely.

However, Our ultimate goal is to continue to grow this scholarship into what is known as a Legacy Endowment, which requires a minimum $100,000 total contribution. Once this level is reached, Christy’s name will be engraved in the Texas A&M Foundation Hall, and will become one of the largest endowed education scholarships at Texas A&M University, with scholarship distributions totaling over $4,000 each year!

Moving forward, we are reaching out to ask if you would like to participate in an annual scholarship pledge that will feed directly into the Christy Crow ’16 Memorial. As of January 1st , 2015, the total contribution to the scholarship fund is $30,000. Our goal over the next 5 years is to generate the remaining $70,000, and with your help, we will be that much closer to success. Any amount you can donate is welcome, and all donations are 100% tax deductable. Your gift can be paid in installments that fit your budget as well!

You can make your donation directly online by clicking here.

Step 1 – Enter your information at the top and select whether you are giving as an individual or an organization/company.

Step 2 – Designate that you are making a contribution to a fund not listed online

Step 3 – Provide your total donation pledge. For example, if you’d like to give $10/month, over the next 5 years, you would enter $600 in this box.

Step 4 – Enter the Gift Fund Name – Christy Crow ’16 Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Step 5 – Select whether your donation is a one-time gift or a recurring. To make scheduled monthly payments, select “I would like to make Scheduled Payments”. You will then select the number of months your total contribution will be distributed over. Note: Your first payment will be made on the day you submit your information.

Step 6 – Complete the form and submit to page two. On this page, you will be able to determine whether your company will match your contribution! You find this information directly through the
Match Gift Database by clicking here.

Step 7 – Once you’ve determined whether you are elligible for a company match, proceed to the billing page and fill in the blanks. After you’ve finished, click next to finalize and await your confirmation email from the Texas A&M Foundation.

If you’d like to make your pledge via US Mail, please print and input your information into the pledge card below.